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Dynamic Habit Tracker

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Turn mundane tasks into an engaging and rewarding experiences and achieve success in all aspects of your life!

This is designed to help individuals track their consistent goals and daily habits to work toward their big goals. The great thing about this template is the interactive line chart. It not only is aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives you the idea of 'gamifying' your life.

Full walkthrough here:

Why you should gamify your life:

🕹 Creates a feeling of being rewarded each time we complete a task 

🕹 Makes our progress feel tangible

🕹 Continuously encourages us to keep going

This is perfect if you are:

  • Looking for self-improvement and intend on unlocking your full potential.
  • Looking for a system that encourages you to take actionable steps toward your dreams


  1. How do I use it? As long as you have a Notion account, all you have to do is download the page and hit duplicate at the top right of the template.
  2. I don't have a paid account, does this still work? Yes! It works the same

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Real-time habit tracking with aesthetic and interactive line chart

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Dynamic Habit Tracker

114 ratings
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